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Why get him vaccinated?

Created by BabyCenter

Getting your baby vaccinated is one of the best things you can do as a mother.

If you and your baby are vaccinated, it means that you can fight serious illnesses if you come into contact with them. You cannot get vaccinated if you are already sick, so do it when you are both well.

Remember: you and your baby need to get vaccinated when you are both well and do not have the disease. A vaccination cannot cure the disease once it has started.

Vaccination protects your baby from some of the most dangerous illnesses. This will protect you both from suffering and distress. No mother likes seeing her baby sick.

Your baby needs to get vaccinated while he is well and it is important that you get it done at the right time.

Your baby will need more than 1 dose of some vaccinations. This is because the first dose is not enough to protect your baby fully and you need to repeat the vaccine to get full protection. If you want to know what vaccinations your baby needs and when, talk to a doctor. They will tell you when to get your baby vaccinated.

10 February 2015