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When will he roll over?

Created by BabyCenter

Rolling over means that your baby can flip from lying on his back to being on his belly, or from his belly to his back.

He will probably be able to roll over when he is about 6 or 7 months old, when his neck and arm muscles are strong enough.

If you put your baby on his belly at around 3 months, he may be able to lift his head and shoulders off the floor using his arms. This prepares him for rolling over.

You can encourage your baby by playing with him. Put him on his belly and wiggle a toy to one side of him. If he manages to roll towards the toy, smile and say "Well done!"

You never know when your baby will first roll over. To be safe, do not leave him alone on the bed or anywhere he could fall off and hurt himself.

If your baby is not rolling over by 7 months old, you could talk to a doctor. Do not worry too much though: babies develop skills differently, and some more quickly than others.

10 February 2015