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Are swollen feet normal?

Created by BabyCenter

Are your feet swelling? This is common, particularly in the last 3 months of pregnancy. Hot weather makes it worse.

In pregnancy, your body makes extra blood and can sometimes hold too much fluid. This fluid tends to stay in your legs and feet as the day goes by.

You will probably find that the swelling is worse as the day goes on. It will be better in the morning after you have been lying in bed.

To ease the swelling, try to rest with your feet up for some time during the day. Standing still for long periods can make the swelling worse, so try to sit down to do some jobs.

At the end of pregnancy, your hands might start to swell. Your rings may feel tight on your fingers. Wear them on a chain around your neck instead.

Danger signs? If you have sudden swelling or blurred vision, you need to see a doctor fast. This can be a sign of a serious condition that can lead to fits.

10 February 2015