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Worms: how do I protect her?

Created by BabyCenter

Your baby can catch worms from the ground or from unsafe water, and they can make her sick.

Clean the floor with soap and water before your baby lies, crawls or plays there. This will help to keep her safe. If you cannot clean the floor, put down a large, clean sheet or mat.

As she grows up, your baby may like to play outside but, in some areas, worms are a problem. Worms are picked up from the mud and soil, and can cause belly pain, coughing and fever.

Thick socks, slippers or shoes will help to protect your baby when she starts to walk outside. Wash her hands well with soap and clean, safe water. It is also important to clean her nails regularly. This will stop worm eggs from the ground from entering her body when she puts her hands in her mouth.

If your child has a worm infection, you may not even know it. Deworming medicine kills any worms your child may have caught. This is safe for your child to take even if she has not caught any worms. Give your baby deworming medicine every 6 months after she is 1 year old.

10 February 2015