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Hold your newborn close!

Created by BabyCenter

Once your baby is born, your body delivers the afterbirth, called the placenta. You will feel contractions again, but weaker this time.

Hold your new baby next to your skin. He will look for your breast to suck. Offer your breast as soon as possible. Breastfeeding like this will increase your contractions to push the placenta out more easily.

The placenta, and the empty bag of waters, will drop to the bottom of your womb. They pass out through your vagina.

Hold your baby close to you. Holding him against your skin will help keep him warm, help him to breastfeed and help to reduce the amount you bleed.

Take time to rest after the birth and get to know your baby. You will need some pads or clean cloth rags to soak up the bleeding. This will be heavy at first, like a very heavy period. It will settle down and become much lighter. Bleeding can continue for several weeks after your baby is born.

10 February 2015