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When will my baby sit up?

Created by BabyCenter

Your baby gets strong enough to sit between 4 and 7 months.

If you sit her on your lap or put her on the floor, she may be able to sit up for a moment without you holding her.

To help your baby to sit, move her legs so that they are spread out and balancing her weight. This reduces the risk of her falling over. Once she is in this position, put a favourite toy in front of her. Place pillows or blankets around her, so that she does not get hurt if she falls. Stay nearby to watch her.

You could also encourage your baby to play lying on her belly. Lifting her head and chest to see a toy will help her to strengthen her neck muscles and develop the head control she needs for sitting up. You can help her to strengthen her legs by standing her on your thighs and bouncing her up and down. This will probably make her giggle!

By the time she is 8 months old, she should be able to sit well without support.

10 February 2015