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Clean, safe water

Created by BabyCenter

It is very important to drink and to use clean, safe water while you are pregnant. Water keeps you healthy and can help to wash away germs in your body.

Sometimes, water looks clean, but has invisible germs in it which can make you and your baby very sick. Avoid using dirty water by preparing clean water in the morning for each day.

Wherever you get the water from, you must make it clean enough for drinking. Pour the water through a clean cotton cloth, and then boil it. This gets rid of the germs. Cool, boiled water is safe to drink. Boil up a large bucket for the day. Cover it and keep it in a cool area out of the way. This will stop flies and dirt getting in.

If you cannot filter and boil your water, ask your health worker about other methods of making your water safe to drink.

If you buy bottled water, it is usually clean and safe. Always check that the seal on the bottle you buy is not broken. A broken seal means that the bottle has been opened before. It could have been refilled with dirty water if the seal is broken, so do not drink it.

10 February 2015