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My baby is on the move!

Created by BabyCenter

Now your baby is mobile, it is time to make sure that he can play safely.

Make sure your baby cannot reach buckets of water or hot stoves or fires.

Keep cupboard doors shut and move boxes and baskets high up where he cannot reach them.

Cleaning materials like bleach and washing powder can harm a baby, so lock these away.

Go down on your hands and knees so you can see the world from your baby’s angle. Dangling cords or plants may tempt him to reach up and pull things over on himself.

Put purses, bags and shopping up high so he cannot reach them. Even simple everyday things like lipstick and make-up can harm him.

Make sure that medicines and tablets are out of his reach.

Keep him away from latrines and dirty clothes. Also make sure he plays far away from water, animals and their stools.

The ground can also be home to worms and insects. If you can, clean the floor with soap and water before your baby plays there. This will help keep him safe, and stop him getting worms. If you cannot clean the floor, put down a large, clean sheet or mat (durrie).

When your baby is standing and walking, make sure you cover his feet with loose socks or slippers. This will protect him from worms.

10 February 2015