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When to have my next baby?

Created by BabyCenter

Your family may want you to have another baby. You could explain that your next baby will be healthier with a gap of at least 2 years.

If your mother or mother-in-law had babies close together, she may not understand why you want to wait. Your husband may want another baby, too.

There are 3 reasons why it is better to wait.

  • Being pregnant before your baby is 2 years old can put you at risk. Your body needs to recover from the first birth.
  • Waiting for at least 2 years keeps your next baby healthy, too. Getting pregnant too soon can mean that the next baby will be weak or early.
  • Waiting gives you and your husband time to earn more money. You can use this money to save for the future. This will make it easier for you to pay for the things you need to keep you and your baby healthy.

A brother or sister for your baby might be just what your family wants. But waiting until your baby is at least 2 years old will give you a healthier and happier family. And give you time to enjoy this baby.

If you have not started using a family planning method yet, now is the time. Talk to your health worker. They may be able to offer you free family planning methods.

10 February 2015