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Feel tired and weak?

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You need a lot of extra iron in your blood in pregnancy. The iron helps your baby grow so that he is not born too early and can be born healthy. Iron also helps to reduce the amount you bleed at the birth. You can get iron by eating food which contains iron.

Without enough iron, your body will not get as much oxygen. This is called iron-deficiency anaemia. It will make you feel tired and weak.

Try to eat plenty of iron-rich foods every day. There are lots of iron-rich foods:

Eggs, beans, daal, sprouts

  • chicken, fish, and meat
  • jaggery (gur), and leafy green vegetables
  • dry fruits and nuts
  • paneer

To get enough iron, try to have a mixture of all these foods.

Citrus fruit, like lime (nimbu), orange (santara) and Indian gooseberry (amla), helps your body get iron from the food.

Ask for free iron tablets at a government health facility. When you take them each day, have some fruit, or fruit juice. This will help your body take in more of the iron.

Try not to drink black tea or coffee with meals, or when you take your tablets, as these drinks make it difficult for your body to get iron. Take your iron pill at a different mealtime to your calcium pill.

10 February 2015