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Do I need to eat more?

Created by BabyCenter

The best rule to remember is to try to eat when you are hungry. Try to eat a mixture of different coloured foods every day and you will gain weight steadily as your baby grows.

You may find that your appetite changes throughout your pregnancy:

  • In the first few weeks, your appetite may decrease and you may not feel like eating proper meals, especially if you are nauseous or are vomiting.
  • During the middle part of your pregnancy, your appetite may be the same as before you were pregnant or it may be slightly increased.
  • Towards the end of your pregnancy, your appetite will probably increase. Eat fruit, vegetables, dal, eggs, beans, chicken, fish and meat. Explain to your family that you need more food to grow a healthy baby. Ask them if you can buy more of these foods. You need an extra handful of food with each meal. You may also need a small snack between meals.

You may start craving certain foods. Some pregnant women crave non-foods such as soil, chalk or coal. Eating soil or other non-foods can be harmful to you and your baby. Do not eat them. Soil can cause constipation or give you worms, and can cause serious illness.

10 February 2015