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Does she have diarrhoea?

Created by BabyCenter

Your baby may have diarrhoea if:

  • She passes smelly, watery, stools streaked with sticky smelly fluid, called mucus.
  • She passes these stools frequently.
  • She has a fever.
  • She appears to be losing weight.

Your baby can get diarrhoea if she drinks dirty water or eats dirty or rotten food.

Newborns often have a lot of bowel movements, sometimes up to 5 times a day in the first month, but if you are only giving him breastmilk, this is unlikely to be diarrhoea.

Sometimes babies pass stools after every breastfeeding session. This is because, as her stomach fills up with milk, her bowels get stimulated.

Breastfed babies usually have yellowish stools which smell sweet, and they tend to be soft. After they reach 1 month old, most babies have 1 or 2 bowel movements a day. Sometimes, breastfed babies only poop once a week. This is also normal.

Your baby’s stools may change at 6 months when she starts solid food. But bowel movements will settle down once your baby gets used to her new food.

So, notice your baby's stools. If your baby passes smelly, watery and mucus-streaked stools more often, has a fever or seems to be losing weight, then your baby probably has diarrhoea. Take her to a health worker.

10 February 2015