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Where to have my baby?

Created by BabyCenter

As your baby’s arrival time gets closer, it is time to make plans.

A hospital is the safest place to have your baby.

  • Hospitals are clean. In labour, you and your baby are at risk of infection. Hospitals prevent infections.
  • If you have a difficult labour, or your baby has problems, hospital staff can treat problems promptly.
  • Some mothers get cash assistance from the government if they give birth in a hospital. If you are over 19 years old and have a BPL card, you can apply for cash assistance. Your doctor can help you to get the right documents.

Work out how long it will take to get there. Talk with your family about transport and decide who you will have with you. Choose someone you trust.

If your baby comes too quickly or you cannot get to a hospital for the birth:

  • It is vital to have a medically skilled attendant or dai. Make sure your family knows how to contact the attendant. Your attendant may have a birth kit. It will contain a sheet, gloves, clean string and tools for cutting your baby's cord.
  • If you cannot get a birth kit, find a clean sheet to have your baby on and 2 cloths, one to dry your baby and one to wrap her in. Have a clean, sharp knife or a clean pair of scissors ready.
  • Your attendant must wash her hands and you must wash between your legs. Get plenty of clean, safe, boiled water and soap ready.
  • Go to the health facility as soon as you can after your baby is born
10 February 2015