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Breastmilk is all she needs

Created by BabyCenter

The reason you have breasts is so that you can feed your baby!

Your breastmilk is all that your baby needs to stay healthy for the first 6 months. She does not need solid food before 6 months. She does not need any other type of milk. She does not need water or other drinks.

Your breastmilk is special. It changes as your baby grows.

The first milk you make after the birth is creamy and high in vitamins and foods to help her fight infections. These help her to stay healthy.

Your milk then changes to become whiter and less thick. This satisfies her thirst, so she does not even need water if the weather is hot. Your milk changes to meet your baby's needs.

You make more milk the more your baby feeds. Even if you have small breasts, your body will be able to make enough milk for your baby. You can make the right amount of milk for your tiny newborn and for your baby when she is 6 months old.

Your breastmilk helps your baby to fight off germs in her belly, lungs, bladder, skin and ears. Babies who only have breastmilk in the first year do not get sick as much as babies who are fed other milks.

If you need to go back to work, you can squeeze out your breastmilk and someone else can feed it to your baby. Teach your baby’s caregiver to feed your baby your breastmilk from a paladai or bowl and spoon.

Breastmilk stays fine for up to 6 hours after it has been taken out of your breast.

After 6 months, your growing baby needs more than breastmilk. But your breastmilk is still vital while she learns to eat solid foods and until she is 2 years old.

10 February 2015