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I can feel my baby move!

Created by BabyCenter

It is exciting when you first feel your baby move! If this is your first pregnancy, you may not be sure what you are feeling at first. The baby moving feels like gentle butterflies fluttering in your belly.

Your baby's movements will get stronger and more regular as he grows. By the middle of pregnancy they will feel like real kicks. In late pregnancy, you may see your whole belly moving as the baby moves around inside you.

Your baby will not move all the time. Like you, sometimes he will want to rest and sleep.

Take a moment to sit down and feel your baby move inside you each day.

You can get used to recognising the movements. Remember his daily routine, when he is awake and when he goes to sleep. You may find you wake up early because the baby is kicking. Or maybe the baby starts kicking when you sing, just after eating or when you wash or take a bath.

If you think the movements have slowed down, have a cold drink or a sweet snack and then sit quietly for a while. You should notice more movements. Tell your health worker or doctor if you notice a change in his routine.

If you have not felt your baby move yet, speak to your health worker or doctor. She will be able to check that all is well.

10 February 2015