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Why does my baby cry?

Created by BabyCenter

All babies cry. This is how they tell us what they need, or communicate. Some cry more than others.

Hunger is usually the reason why your baby cries. So if he cries, let him breastfeed as long as he wants. He will soon be soothed as his belly fills.

Some babies cry if they feel uncomfortable. Check if your baby's clothes are too tight, or if his nappy is wet or dirty.

He may also be feeling too warm or too cold. Check how many layers of clothing he has on. He should be cosy with just 1 more layer of clothing than you.

Your baby may also just want to rest or be held.

Here are 3 ways to comfort your crying baby:

  • Swaddle him in a blanket. Babies like to feel snug and secure like they did in the womb.
  • Hold him against you with a sling. The rhythm of your heartbeat may soothe him.
  • Sing to him or rock him gently.

If your baby cries without stopping, or the cry is more high-pitched than normal, take him to your doctor.

10 February 2015