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When to offer solid food?

Created by BabyCenter

Eating solid food is a big step!

You can tell if your baby is ready to start eating solid food. It is when she is over 6 months old. A baby who is ready to start solids can usually do these things:

  • She holds her head up.
  • She sits up well when supported. You may have to sit your baby on your lap at first.
  • She makes chewing motions. Your baby should be able to move food to the back of her mouth and swallow.
  • She is curious about what you are eating. When babies look at your food and stretch their hands out to it, this is a sign that they are ready to eat solid food.
  • She is a healthy weight. Most babies are ready to eat soft solids when they have doubled their birth weight. This is usually at about 6 months.

Your baby may be showing these signs before 6 months. But it is safer if you wait until she is 6 months old before giving her mashed foods. By then her digestive system is stronger. This means there is less chance of her having a stomach problem or a bad reaction to food.

10 February 2015