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Month 5

Created by BabyCenter

Now your baby in your womb looks like a tiny newborn baby. Her eyes, eyebrows and eyelids have developed and her teeth are growing under her gums. The taste buds on her tongue are developing. She will be able to taste your milk from the first feed.

She has a creamy white substance covering her skin. This protects your baby’s skin and helps with the birth.

About this time, you may begin to feel your baby's movements. It feels like tiny bubbles inside you. At first, you may not be sure what it is. Gradually the movements become stronger and you can then be sure that it is your baby kicking. It is an exciting moment! Remember your baby’s daily movements and tell your nurse, doctor or midwife if you notice a change in her routine.

You could also start to feel breathless now and you may feel clumsy. This is because you are carrying more weight and your growing belly affects your balance.

You may have a heavier vaginal discharge and want to urinate more often.

If you notice some bleeding when you clean your teeth, it is because your pregnancy hormones are making your gums swell and become sore, which can lead to bleeding. Clean your teeth every day, but be gentle.

10 October 2014