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Your body after pregnancy loss

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It is important to rest after pregnancy loss. Try not to do any hard work until the bleeding stops.

Your body needs time to heal. You will bleed for a while. You may also have something that feels like period pain. Do not have sex until the bleeding has stopped, to protect your womb from germs.

Perhaps ask your family for help. They could help you with household tasks or care for your other children, if you have them.

Your breasts may leak and they could swell. This can be upsetting and cause discomfort. You could wear a supportive cloth or bra. Put clean pieces of cloth in it to soak up leaks. Do not squeeze your breasts to take out the milk. The milk will go away slowly by itself over a few weeks.

Right now, your body needs rest and care. Try to eat well, with lots of fruit, vegetables, pulses (dal), eggs, soy beans, fish or meat. If you take iron, calcium and folic acid tablets, carry on. They will help too.

For now, use a family planning method to prevent another pregnancy. By waiting until your body has recovered before you try for another baby, you will be giving yourself the best chance for a healthy pregnancy in the future.

Warning signs after pregnancy loss

If the pain gets worse with time rather than less, or you are bleeding quite a lot and you are soaking a pad or several cloths in an hour, see a doctor immediately.

Also see a doctor if you have:

  • Sticky, smelly fluid coming from your vagina
  • A fever
  • Faintness
  • A pain in your shoulders
  • Painful, red areas on your breasts
  • Bleeding that will not stop.
10 February 2015