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Help your baby to breastfeed

Created by BabyCenter

You and your baby learn how to breastfeed together. Sit comfortably with 1 or 2 pillows to support you. Your baby needs to be at the same level as your breast.

Turn your baby to face you, so her belly is against your chest. She may turn her head from side to side, making small sucking noises. This means she is ready to feed and is looking for your breast.

Stroke her cheek with your nipple. She will turn towards it and open her mouth wide. As she opens her mouth, bring her straight towards your breast. She needs some of the brown area around the nipple in her mouth so she can get your milk. She will use her tongue under your breast to get the milk, so she needs a good mouthful of breast.

Here are 3 ways to know your baby is feeding well:

Look! Does she have plenty of the dark area around your nipple in her mouth? Can you see her jaw moving up and down as she squeezes milk from your breast?

Listen! Can you hear her gulping milk, with short rests between swallows?

Feel! Feeding should not hurt! If your nipples are sore, she is not on your breast properly. Break the suction by putting your little finger in her mouth. Wait until her mouth is wide open and then bring her to the breast again. Get your baby checked by the health worker if she is not feeding well.

Remember, girls need breastmilk the same as boys do.

10 February 2015