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Check-ups after birth

Created by BabyCenter

It is good, and reassuring, to have health check-ups in the weeks after your baby is born, to make sure both you and your baby are OK.

Visit the doctor with your baby at least once during week 1 and again when she is 6 weeks old.

Take your baby to a child doctor immediately if:

  • Her belly is too cold or too hot
  • She develops yellow eyes, hands and feet within the first day of his life
  • She refuses to feed or sucks poorly
  • She will not stop crying or if his cry sounds unusual
  • She has a fit, is drowsy and not moving much, or has bluish skin or nails
  • She is wheezing, grunting, or breathing quickly
  • She is vomiting after every feed for more than a day, or has a swollen tummy
  • The area around your baby's cord stump is red or smelly

These are signs that your baby is unwell, and needs treatment quickly.

Remember, boys and girls need the same amount of check-ups.

10 February 2015