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Keep your baby safe

Created by BabyCenter

Here are 4 ways you can keep your baby safe in your home:

  • Check your home every day for objects that your baby could pick up. Make sure there are no small objects which could choke him, such as coins, within his reach. Put away sharp objects, such as knives, scissors and pens, and anything that is not safe to eat or drink. Don’t store your cooking fuel in drink or water bottles. Your baby may drink them by mistake.
  • Check that nothing can fall on your baby. Make sure everything is secure. Any electrical wires or other rope or cords should be rolled up safely and out of his way! If you use a lamp or pedestal or table fan, make sure it is secure.
  • Keep your baby away from fire and water. Your baby wants to explore; he may touch flames and burn himself. Make sure he cannot touch anything hot when you are cooking. Try putting up a barrier. Keep him away from large containers of water. Keep them covered with tight-fitting lids on top, so he does not fall in.
  • Remember, when your baby starts to walk and stand, he may want to climb! Take care that dangerous objects and wires are out of his reach, and watch him to make sure he cannot fall off chairs and tables.
10 February 2015