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How to care for your baby's cord

Created by BabyCenter

Keep your baby's cord stump clean and dry until it drops off. Do not put anything on it. The cord will heal by itself and will drop off in about a week. It will look quite black and odd but that is part of the healing.

If the cord stump is red, bleeding or smelly, take your baby to a doctor.

If your baby’s cord stump gets dirty, it could become infected. Infections are very dangerous to young babies. Keep the cord stump clean and dry.

Your family may suggest that you put other substances on the stump to help it heal. Do not let them do this. It is dangerous. Turmeric, oil, or cow dung may make him very ill. Explain that keeping it clean and dry is safest for your baby. After washing your baby, simply pat the cord area dry with a clean towel. If you are in a hospital, they may give you something to clean the cord with.

The cord will heal gradually and drop off in a few days. Do not pull on it. Let it fall off naturally.

If the cord stump is red, sore, and smelly or oozes pus, or your baby gets a fever, there is an infection. Show your baby to the doctor as soon as you can.

The best thing you can do for your baby is to keep the cord stump clean and dry.

10 February 2015