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1 year old

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Happy birthday, baby! Soon, your child will get more independent, find his sense of humour and best of all, learn to say he loves you.

Your child may still not like you leaving him. This is natural. If there is plenty of time for goodbyes, he will have time to adjust.

It is exciting when your child says proper words. But he still won't be able to say what he wants or how he feels using words. He will use body language for some time. He may raise his arms for "up" or point a finger for "What's that?"

He might use one word for many things. Listen to the tone. He will say the same word in different ways using different gestures.

He can pick up small objects between his thumb and forefinger more easily now. He may pick up things he finds on the floor and put them in his mouth. Check what is on the floor to make sure nothing can harm him.

He is watching everything you do. Children love to copy people, especially their parents. This is how they learn. He will copy your words and the sound of your language, too.

He may have many teeth now. Keep them clean. Perhaps you could use a small brush with soft bristles and a small smear of toothpaste.

Look at your lovely child and remember the journey you have travelled together - from that tiny helpless newborn to the energetic 1 year old. Good luck for the future!

10 October 2014