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My baby is getting teeth!

Created by BabyCenter

Most babies get their first tooth at around 6 months. But babies can get their first tooth any time between 3 months and 1 year. It usually appears on the bottom, at the front.

If your baby is teething, you may notice these signs:

  • he has red and swollen gums and his face and cheeks are red
  • he is dribbling a lot
  • he tries to rub his gums and his ear on the same side as a tooth is growing
  • he wakes up in the night because of the pain

When your baby is 2 years old, he should have a full set of 20 baby teeth.

It is best to start brushing your baby's teeth as soon as they appear. Use a soft toothbrush and a bit of toothpaste, if you have it. Try to clean both the surface of your baby's teeth and the gums.

Some teething babies find it difficult to feed. When your baby sucks during feeding, more blood rushes to the swollen gums. The gums are very sensitive. This is why he may turn away from your breast.

Understandably, teething makes babies irritable and unsettled. Do your best to cuddle and comfort him.

Do not use honey to ease your baby's teething pain. Instead, offer him something clean and safe to chew on. It should not be small enough to be swallowed or soft enough for small bits to fall off. He could choke on these things.

10 February 2015