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HIV: how do I protect him?

Created by BabyCenter

If you are living with HIV there is a lot you can do to protect your baby from getting HIV.

During pregnancy, take your antiretrovirals (ARVs) and go to the clinic for regular check-ups.

When labour starts, go straight to the health facility. You need extra care in early labour to prevent the HIV virus being passed to your baby.

When your baby is here, it is really good for him if you breastfeed and, at the same time, you both take ARVs. When you take your ARVS, it will make your milk safe for your baby.

Your baby takes a daily dose of ARV syrup after the birth, to protect him from HIV. Your baby will need a blood test at the clinic at around 6 weeks to check if the HIV virus has passed to him.

Make sure you touch your baby with clean hands. Cover all cuts and wounds with a bandage until they heal.

HIV is a long-term illness. With the right medicines, you can manage and control it.

10 February 2015