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It hurts when I urinate

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Your baby is growing inside your body just above your bladder (where your urine collects before you pass it). The weight of the baby tends to squash the bladder, which makes you need to pass urine more often. This is common in pregnancy. Do not cut down the amount of clean, safe water you drink. You need it to stay healthy.

If you find that it is painful when you pass urine, you might have an infection. This can give you a high temperature, or make you suddenly feel hot and cold. Other signs of infection are blood in your urine, feeling sick, and shaking. Sex might be painful, too.

Getting treated is very important, so see a doctor. The germs in your urine can give you a kidney infection, which can be serious for your and your baby’s health.

Here is how to prevent urine infections:

  • After going to the toilet, wash yourself thoroughly by washing from front to back, away from your vagina. This will prevent bacteria from your anus infecting your vagina
  • Drink lots of clean, safe water. This will help to wash out infections.
  • If you need to pass urine, go! Do not hold it in.

Always pass urine after sex, if you can, to get rid of any germs.

10 February 2015